Located in Cypress, TX
Bobs Cooking Wood

       We are a family owned and operated business. Our company started over fifteen years ago when we realized there was a need for the finest wood and good service in the restaurant business. Bob's has been serving over 100 of Houston's top restaurants and worldwide markets, and now would like to make this available through the Internet to you.

      Bob's Cooking Wood is located in Northwest Houston. Owned and operated by Bob Mauk, son Michael & wife Callie. We are a family owned & operated business. We process our wood for over 200 restaurants in Houston. We ship our wood world wide to some of the largest restaurant chains in the world. Our chefs love our superior grade of cooking wood, chips, smoking planks. We are now proud to offer these services on the World Wide Web. Give us a try; we know you will be more than satisfied.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide superior grade wood products for cooking
  • To treat our customers with honesty and respect
  • To provide prompt and reliable service